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The 1990-95 (?) Pittsburgh Pirates: The Best Team That Couldn't Be ?

pit After the 1984-88 New York Mets, the next team to rule the NL's Eastern Division was the Pittsburgh Pirates, who won three consecutive division titles from 1990 to 1992 but failed to win a National League pennant. They lost the League Championship Series in six games to Cincinnati in 1990 and in seven games to Atlanta in both 1991 and 1992. These Pirates are a team that deserves mention because their building a legacy of greatness was cut short by free agency. I do not officially include them in this narrative on the best National League teams because it was for only those three seasons that the Pirates were competitive. The year before they won the first of three NL East titles in a row, the Pirates finished fifth in their division and had the third-worst record in the National League. The year after they won their third straight division title, the Pirates fell back to fifth in the NL East (now seven teams), although five of the National League's thirteen other teams had a worse record than theirs.

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