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Into the 21st Century With the Forever Dynasty: The 2002-06 New York Yankees

nyy The New York Yankees as the last dynasty? Yes, because a dynasty beginning sometime in the 1990s - let us call it the late George Steinbrenner era - is any franchise that can win its division virtually every year because they can afford to while their competitors cannot. When the financial structure of Major League Baseball is such that there is no salary cap, although there is a tax for teams exceeding a certain threshold that potentially deters unlimited spending, and with unmatchable revenue streams and an ownership philosophy that the fans in the City of New York demand a winner, hence not making a run at the World Series championship every year is unacceptable, and money is no object, the New York Yankees are that franchise. Boston can try, but cannot ultimately keep pace with the Yankees' spending. The Yankees' mindset is that they are the - forever dynasty.

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