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The 196-74 Baltimore Orioles: None in AL Better Since the DiMaggio Yankees

bal As the Yankee dynasty was coming to its end, or at least its first prolonged interruption since 1921, the Baltimore Orioles were on the rise to become the American League's new model franchise. Transplanted from St. Louis, where as the Browns they won only one pennant (during World War II) and were decidedly the city's afterthought behind the Cardinals, the Orioles began building a winning tradition when they finished second to the Yankees in 1960 by eight games after being tied for first as late as September 14; they then lost four straight to the Yankees, who finished 1960 with 15 straight wins. In 1961, the Orioles won 95 games - good for only third, 14 games behind the 109-win Yankees - and in 1964, the Orioles won 97 games, finishing third by only two games as the Yankees won their fifth straight pennant for the second time in history.

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