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The 1960-64 New York Yankees: Five (And Two) in Five and the End of the Yankee Dynasty

nyy If the 1949-53 Yankees were in transition from the DiMaggio to the Mantle era, and the 1954-58 Yankees were the heart of the Mantle-Berra era, the 1960 to 1964 New York Yankees were the consolidation and the climax of the Mantle era coming after a most un-Yankee-like third place flop in 1959. The controlled chaos of Casey Stengel gave way (after 1960) to the unrelenting stability of Ralph Houk as manager (for three years), and then, with Yogi Berra as manager, to the end of the great Yankee dynasty that won 29 American League pennants and 20 World Series championships in 44 years from 1921 to 1964.

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