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The 1910-14 Philadelphia Athletics: The AL's First Indisputable Best Ever Team

phi Unlike in the National League, no team dominated the American League in the first decade of the new century. Of the first nine AL pennant races, only one was won by more than five games (let alone the eight games I consider needed for a team to - "dominate" a season) - 1903, when Boston finished 14½ games ahead of second-place Philadelphia. From 1904 through 1908, every pennant race was decided by three games or less, and the 1909 pennant race was decided by 3½ games. Four different franchises had pennant winners in the first decade - in order of first accomplishment, Chicago (2), Philadelphia (3), Boston (2), and Detroit (3) - and of the four that did not, only Washington was never truly competitive; New York in 1904 and Cleveland in 1908 both lost pennant bids on the last day of the season, and even the historically woeful St. Louis Browns were in second place within half-a-game of first as late in the season as September 1 in 1902 and within 1½ games on September 1 in 1908. Not until the Philadelphia Athletics won the 1910 pennant by 14½ games, and then went on to win four pennants in five years, did the American League have a dominant team.

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