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This website will present the best baseball teams in the American and the National Leagues in serial installments through the 2011 major league baseball season, beginning with the best in each league through the first half of the twentieth century. Additional chapters will be posted on a weekly or biweekly basis until we come to the "final standings" for the eight best AL and NL teams for the twentieth century, with a look into the first decade of the twenty-first. I hope you find this enjoyable and informative.

This project is dedicated to my father, Nicholas Difatte, a lifelong Yankees fan who taught me the game, took me to games, went out every evening after work to hit me a hundred ground balls and pop flies, and with whom I have had to many terrific conversations about the game and especially its history. Thanks, dad.

And to my mother, Irma Soderholm, who encouraged my writing about baseball when I was a teenager, which helped me develop research, writing, and critical thinking skills that proved of very great benefit for my professional career (alas, not having anything to do with baseball). Thanks, Aiti.

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